1-2-1 Success Package


1-2-1 is a very popular approach to personal success. It enables you to be transformed over a minimum of 21 days,  although you may prefer to spread the sessions over a longer period of time to fit in with your lifestyle and commitments. Your weight issues are unique to you, so it makes sense to ensure that you have all the tools and motivation at hand to help you succeed this time.

Many of my clients live in the Worcestershire area and combine our 1-2-1 session with my open house sessions (two Thursdays a month). This gives you real accountability and a hands-on approach that may be just what you need. The format is flexible but this is the most requested format:

Three 1-2-1 Appointments:

1st appointment

Two options:

  • Fast Change For Good Hypnosis Session


  • A personalised Slim for Good hormone balancing healthy eating Programme taking into account your specific needs for success. Just for you!

2nd Appointment

Coming up with a plan to:

  • Boost your weight loss
  • Eating out guidance and how to deal with celebrations
  • Focuson any aspects that you have struggled with in the past
  • Address any areas of self sabotage which may have stopped you succeeding in the past.

3rd Appointment

Advice on maintaining your weight loss, so that this is the highest weight you will ever be and giving you a personal long term programme to be slim for good and never yo-yo diet again.

Or if you want even more contact

You could have a 1 hour session with me and then 4 half hour sessions with me.

An Added Bonus

You also get for the period of time that you are seeing me, free Open House Sessions twice a month and this would give you much more 1-2-1 contact with me so that success is inevitable!

Support is on hand

Keren is on hand to give guidance and encouragement and offers you this wonderful opportunity for just £225 either face to face in Malvern Worcestershire or via Skype.