Are you focused on just what weight the Mood Step displays!

I saw this photo on Stronglift’s site

strong lift

It really demonstrates how the scales (or mood step as I prefer to call it!) should be avoided as much as possible unless you are getting a full picture, such as that available from my Tanita body composition scales and printout


I have yo-yo dieters who come to me because they have yet again put on all the weight and more after following a low calorie/low fat diet and it breaks my heart. The challenge is that when you focus just on what weight the scales show you don’t know if you are losing muscle mass, fluid or fat. Cutting calories can encourage muscle loss, and so the scales may be giving you positive readings but when you eat more (and you will because your mind will keep sending you signals to increase your hunger and to give you cravings for fat & sugar), your fat mass will increase quickly. This can be due to the lack of muscle mass (if you have lost weight quickly and are not building muscle mass with regular exercise) and this can then result in reduced metabolism and reduced short term energy storage capacity, both encouraging fat storage.

So, if you must get on the mood step I recommend investing in some body composition scales. You don’t have to spend £2,000 on scales like mine but you can buy some less expensive but very comprehensive scales for under £60, such as these:

They analyse:
Basal Metabolism Rate, Bone Mineral Mass, Healthy Ranges, Metabolism Age, Muscle Mass, Fat Mass, Physique Rating, Body Water and Visceral Fat Rating.

Otherwise, contact me and you can always attend one of my open house sessions to get your body composition print out. It will help you to lose fat and retain muscle mass so that you can put yo-yo dieting into the past forever.