They can work for you too!

1. Balancing the weight loss key hormones (Leptin & Ghrelin) – I was a serial dieter and snacked constantly on fruit and low fat ‘good” snacks like yogurts and rice cakes etc. When I stopped snacking I balanced Leptin and Ghrelin and now I can go 4 – 6 hours without even thinking about food!

2. Balancing blood sugar – this is not new but still important. I used to eat breakfast because I thought it was a must to be ‘healthy’ but I was never hungry. My breakfast used to be a typical dieters breakfast – Special K or Porridge, skimmed milk, chopped banana and black coffee or sometime just a banana and black coffee – I didn’t realise that these meals were causing me to have a blood sugar high, releasing lots of the fat storing hormone (insulin) – I was encouraging fat storage not fat burning! No wonder I was struggling to lose weight around my waist. Also, not being hungry was a clue that I shouldn’t be eating until the hunger hormone Ghrelin kicked in, I was ignoring my body’s request. Now if I’m hungry I eat breakfast, if I’m not I don’t (shocking I know!). Whenever my first meal of the day is, it always contains protein or fat (I adore village bakery rye toast and almond butter or scrambled egg, smoked salmon, tomatoes & mushrooms on 1 slice of toast with yummy goat’s butter)

3. A temperature test to check my thyroid function – I always felt tired, had a low mood and found it incredibly difficult to lose weight. I was shocked to see how low my basal temperature was, indicating that my thyroid wasn’t working at its optimum level (even though my doctor’s tests said it was in the ‘normal range’). I supported my thyroid with foods like Brazil nuts but importantly I focused on my reducing my stress. (Ask me if you want details of this test).

4. Supporting Adrenals and the long-term stress hormone (Cortisol). I knew I was in a stressful job, commuting to London and juggling everything with a young son too but I didn’t realise how stress was making weight loss almost impossible. Self-hypnosis, good multi vitamin containing lots of the B ‘Stress’ vitamins’ and a monthly aromatherapy massage helped me bring these hormones back into balance and the weight around the middle started to disappear. Email me to receive a FREE hypnosis recording to help reduce your stress – keren@slimforgood.co.uk

5. Stop using artificial sweeteners – I was always craving carbohydrates, fruit and sugar and thought my sweeteners ticked the “I’m being good box”. Unfortunately, they were making me crave more sugar and altering the balance of bacteria in my gut which didn’t help weight loss either. Now, if I use any sweeteners in cooking it would only be xylitol, but I don’t have a sweet tooth anymore, so this is not a problem. If you have a sweet tooth you will appreciate what a relief, it is to say that. I can help you with this!

I hope these 5 mini tips help you, if you need 1-2-1 help to get you on track and have the summer body you desire check out my new programme that will give you that support and motivation to succeed this time for good! https://slimforgood.co.uk/product/summer-ready-programme/
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