Are you going sober for October?

Many of us do this to lose weight but what we find is that we replace alcohol with other foods and drinks and so our weight doesn’t change as drastically as we would like.

So, if you are doing this October detox then you need the support of the Love your Liver 14-day programme which will help stop any cravings, boost your energy, metabolism and release weight for good. Other improvements include glowing skin, improved digestion, mood & balanced hormones.

In Chinese medicine, a healthy Liver represents a healthy Person.

So, it’s time to love your liver! For just £39 you can feel amazing in only 14 days!
Having daily support to inspire and motivate you has proven to be ultra-successful. Enabling you to get in control of food/drinks and stop them controlling you!

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Thanks so much Keren! You have changed my life! I am so so chuffed with the results and I know the weight will just keep coming off as I keep up the good eating habits 🙂 thank you so much.
Samantha West