Dieting makes you think more about food!

You know when we say “Don’t think about a flying pig” we think about a flying pig!
flying pig

It’s how our simple minds work – if we verbalise or think something, that’s what our mind and focus will attract. So when you start dieting and tell yourself to avoid chocolate, crisps, cheese and wine etc, your mind will keep bringing them into your conscious mind and eventually when your willpower has run out (and that can happen very quickly!) you will give in.

So to lose weight long term you are far better focusing on new habits that you can maintain long term such as only eating sitting down and having a glass of water before meals. In my new ‘Change for Good Programme’ I recommend a number of healthy habits that once accepted by your subconscious mind (using hypnosis and other behaviour changing techniques) they become your new ‘normal routine’. This makes weight loss much easier and longer term and takes the focus away from ‘good’ or ‘bad’ food choices which can be demoralising and all encompassing.

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