Fake it ’til you make it!

Our feelings drive us to overeat: “This cake will make me feel better” and diets don’t stop those feelings or what we believe, they only briefly suppress them because feelings and beliefs always overcome reasoning and they always win. When we are overweight our beliefs about our weight (I’m big boned, I have a sweet tooth, I have my mum’s genes, my metabolism is sluggish etc) keep us at what our mind presumes is our ‘comfortable’ size and it will do everything in it's power to get us back there (hence why keeping the weight off is the challenging part and why most people are yo-yo dieters).

When you were born you could leave food, you would say no easily and stop when full. Babies only eat when hungry not when they are tired, unwell or irritable! We have become conditioned over time to link food to comfort and to feeling good, but our mind can change, and it still remembers how to eat normally like a baby. Everything we do is linked to avoiding pain (our main survival mechanism) or gaining pleasure. The real challenge is when we link pain and pleasure to the same thing because our mind gets confused: “Cakes are delicious, but I can’t have them because they make me fat”.

You can change these feelings and beliefs, and then your body will change long term and here are a few tips:
• Eating when you are stressed does not end the stress but having a hot drink is beneficial as it releases endorphins in the brain and improves moods (hence the coffee shop habit!). So, avoid caffeine that only makes you more stressed and encourages weight storage around your waist! Choose a healthy drink like my favourite dandelion coffee with hot coconut & almond milk – yummy! and put your feet up and relax.
• Our words become our reality and our mind believes that every word you say. If you tell yourself, “I’m starving”, “I could eat a horse” your brain believes it and encourage you to overeat. So, change what you are saying to yourself:
• “I’m hopeless” replace with “I am getting better every day”
• “I can’t stop eating” replace with “I am more in control every day”
• “I feel so low” replace with “I could be feeling better, give me more energy”
Your mind believes what you tell it and then works to make you feel and act in ways that match the pictures you make in your mind.
Don’t use negative words or pictures. Stop punishing yourself. Praise yourself more and you will find it easier to change.


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You have nothing to lose except inches!