Could fruit be hurting your waistline?

Those who know about the Slim for Good Programme, know that I try to make the food element of this programme simple and achievable long-term. For me fruit was a big reason for being overweight because during my 35 years of slimming club dieting I always ate a lot of fruit, when I was being ‘good’ and also when I was being ‘bad’! I told myself that I was being healthy because of fruit’s wonderful nutrients and with most diets having a ‘free fruit option’ I certainly took advantage of that!

What I hadn’t thought about was fruit’s high fructose content and what this would do to my cravings, my mood and my waist line. So let me share some of these facts with you:

o If we eat a lot of fructose, we will crave more
o Foods high in Fructose encourage us to store fat without making us feel full
o Fructose increases our weight
o If we get a lot of your calories from fructose we are wrecking our metabolism
o Sugar (which contains 50% fructose) is more addictive than cocaine & morphine
o Cakes & biscuits are the perfect combination of sugar & fat to alert the reward centre of our brain and release feel good hormones serotonin, dopamine & endorphins – no wonder we want more!

If we remove fructose our appetite control goes back to normal and our weight returns to the normal range and stays, there.

So, I tend to recommend low fructose food at least 80% of the time and ideally not more than 1 portion a day. Low fructose fruits include berries, avocado, oranges, grapefruit & lemon). If you wanted a higher fructose fruit like apples, bananas and grapes, then aim to have at breakfast time rather than the evening so that you can get active and use up that potential fat storing fruit which will help overcome afternoon or evening cravings. Steer away from higher fructose fruit if you are just having a lazy day or sat for a long time at your desk or in the car.

This French Toast breakfast recipe from ‘Clean Eating Alice’ could be an option to enjoy the occasional 1/2 banana as it has a good level of protein with the nut butter and egg and if you use small rye bread slices or super seeded wheat-free thins you can make a mini sandwich which is balanced, fulfilling and should keep you satisfied for 4 – 6 hours.