Are you going to join the 14 day transformation team on 18th September?


These 14 days are all about you and your transformation!  How amazing you will feel and the incredible difference that others will observe.  I am constantly thrilled by the improvements experienced by my clients, increased energy, skin glowing with energy, a feeling of lightness, belief that this is the time for success and of course that wonderful change on the scales and around the waist.

Having me with you every day to inspire and motivate you has proven to be the ultra successful and being part of the Slim for Good community of intelligent like minded women all on the mission to stop yo-yo dieting and get in control of food/drinks and stop them controlling us.

So you are in the right place if you have said enough is enough!  Now is the time to take action for just 14 days to kick start your weight release and kick those cravings into touch forever.

This programme will give you that essential daily support and motivation to feel in control of sugary foods, alcohol and other carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, rice, so that you can beat those cravings and enable you to lose weight.  This programme is also shown to improve your energy and reduce your stress which also helps us avoid those addictive foods and drink.

Let us help you feel happier and healthier and boost your willpower so that weight loss is so much easier.

Join us