Why hasn’t my weight gone down?

I saw a client yesterday who was very tearful because she had been sticking to the Slim for Good principals and she had been gardening every day. She was feeling better and thought the scales would reflect that but her home scales showed that her weight hadn’t changed. Her mood dropped significantly and I’m so pleased she came to see me before she gave up and binged on cakes and crisps (she was very tempted!).

She eventually got on my body composition scales and found she had lost 4 pounds of fat and gained 4 pounds of muscle hence the reason her clothes felt better.

So I thought I would share my photo comparing the size of 1 pound fat v 1 pound muscle (or meat in this example). You can see why we feel better if we exercise (gardening is included in that! 1 hour of general gardening burns 268 calories compared with 1 hour of moderately fast walking burns 221 calories)

Hope this gives hope to you gardeners and may also encourage you to buy scales including body fat % and ideally muscle mass too (Amazon between £20 and £35).

One pound each of fat and muscle - for comparison Slim for Good
Fat versus muscle – one pound of each!