Without the magic of belief, you will probably fail to achieve long term weight release, and this may be the one reason for your yo-yo success/failure pattern.

Believe in yourself

Using your dynamic power of belief, you can stop dieting and achieve your healthy, happy weight/body size.

So, do this simple exercise to start building your belief:
• Write down what you really desire – make it positive and present tense as though you have already achieved it. Make it exciting and motivating. Don’t ask how or question whether it is possible!
• Now set your subconscious mind into action to help deliver this for you. Again, don’t question that your subconscious mind never sleeps and has the power to perform miracles, but it will NOT take the trouble to work for those who do not believe in it. You must feel and think and see yourself already being successful
• Use the following mirror technique to strengthen your belief in just 5 minutes!
 Look in a mirror
 Breathe deeply 3 or 4 times until you feel a sense of power, strength and determination
 Look into the very depths of your eyes
 Say to yourself “I am releasing thoughts that have held me back & I demand that this time I’m successful & slim for good”. Say it aloud if possible so that you can see your lips move and you can hear the words.
 Make a regular ritual of it. Practice daily – maybe every time you clean your teeth. You will be surprised and delighted by the results!
 Within a few days you will have developed a sense of confidence and belief that you never thought possible.
 Don’t tell anyone you are doing this! Keep it secret because it may appear a little whacky and a lot of people won’t understand!

Don’t try to lose weight with willpower – you will fail! Use your imagination, it’s far easier and much more fun!
Whatever we focus our thoughts and imagination on, is what we attract.

See your exciting written goals daily so that your subconscious mind accepts it. Listening to my hypnosis recordings will also help to imprint these into your mind.