Is caffeine stopping you releasing weight?

Caffeine releases a whole cocktail of hormones. Some good (temporarily!) but generally bad over the longer term!
Are you stressed? If so remember that Caffeine increases our stress levels! Stress and caffeine elevate adrenaline (short term stress hormone) and cortisol (our long-term stress hormone), which accelerates ageing, anxiety, and increases our weight. Weight gain is due to caffeine being a stimulant and increasing our blood glucose levels which increases the release of insulin (the fat storing hormone!). This results in a cycle of cravings for stimulants (coffee/alcohol/sugar/carbohydrates) making weight loss very challenging, and increasing fatigue, low mood and stress.

So, if you have some a spare tyre or muffin top you probably have a hormonal imbalance resulting from elevated insulin, cortisol and adrenalin levels and no amount of tummy exercises will make a dent in it!

To understand this fully, let’s remind ourselves what happens when we eat Carbohydrates/sugar and drink stimulants – we get a blood glucose high, high insulin is then released enabling us to use the glucose for energy, if we are inactive we convert unused energy into glycogen and store it in our liver and muscles and once short-term storage is full its stored long term in our fat cells.

If you keep drinking lots of caffeine (coffee, tea, caffeine drinks) and eating lots of sugar/carbohydrates you will continue to stimulate high blood glucose and high insulin release and it won’t take long before you start suffering with Insulin resistance. This is when we abuse our cells by throwing heaps of insulin at them every time we eat, and there will come a point where they say no (insulin resistance).

In summary, raising insulin levels causes weight gain. Lowering insulin levels causes weight loss and the strongest predictor of weight regain is insulin resistance. Not willpower. Not calorie intake. Not fat. It is all about the insulin.

Under the influence of insulin, our body receives instructions to “gain fat”. In response, we eat more and/ or decrease our metabolism and we have no control over this.

Therefore, you must balance your hormones especially insulin.

Also, insulin stops the breakdown of fat which is why many find weight loss challenging and Individuals with insulin resistance will struggle to lose weight via traditional weight loss methods simply because their body is not burning fuel the way it should be.

But don’t despair, follow this plan and you will overcome:
 Support your liver so that it is in top condition to cope with your blood sugar to energy conversion function and short-term storage capacity for glycogen. If your liver is struggling, you will continue to struggle to lose weight. Follow my 14-day gentle detox to tick this box.
 If you have insulin resistance you need a reduced-carbohydrate/fructose, increased-protein diet balanced for you so that you have high energy and low cravings.
 You must have periods of no insulin release – so stop snacking or you will keep insulin levels high and continue to yo-yo diet.
 Focus on a light resistance/weight training program. See a fitness instructor to help. You need to increase your muscle mass (the other short-term energy/glycogen storage area)
I hope these tips help you but contact me if you need any further support.
Keren x