Is your metabolism sluggish?


Do you only need to look at a piece of cake and put on a few pounds?

I believe that our metabolism has a lot to do with our struggles to lose weight and this challenge gets harder as we age. If you want to lose a few pounds or more before Christmas you must give your Liver, your supreme organ of metabolism and fat-burning, some support and a little rest.

Even 5 days can help you feel and look better and if you can support it for 14 days you will feel amazing!

Forget crash diets or extreme exercise, they will leave you feeling deprived and miserable and make your metabolism worse. Stop calorie counting and just focus on eating the foods that your liver likes and avoiding those that make it struggle. To a large degree, it’s not how much you eat that’s the problem its what you eat that’s important. The process of weight release then begins naturally without excessive effort.

If your liver is unhappy these are some of the signs:

Circles under your eyes
Foggy brain
Weight around the middle
Hot flushes
Low Mood

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