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Keren offers a range of programmes to help you stay slim for good. They range from a 14 day quick fix to long term support to help you keep the weight off forever. Don't delay,  join Slim for Good and get started on your weight loss programme now. Click on the box that appeals most to you so that you can find out more.

Change your mind and be successful!

If you have struggled with self-sabotage and discipline during previous weight loss programme you will love the new Slim Success on-line programme.

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14 day Stop Sugar & Alcohol Cravings Programme

An amazing ultra successful programme to help you get back in control and kick start your weight release journey.

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Become an On-Line Success Slim for Good Member

This has everything you need to change long term and to release the weight for good including important support, encouragement and new information and members' Success Bundles to boost weight release and keep you on track.  

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1-2-1 Personal Approach

This is a very popular personal success approach, enabling you to be transformed over a minimum of 21 days. Your weight issues are unique to you so it makes sense to ensure that you have all the tools and motivation at hand to help you succeed this time. 

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Open House Sessions for Existing Clients

Keep motivated by seeing Keren regularly. She runs open house sessions two times a month where you have the opportunity of a 10 minute private 1-2-1 and an updated body composition analysis to review your progress and to set new goals and to receive personal guidance and motivation. Very good value with 5 open house sessions costing only £25! or £6 per session.

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