SFG Monthly Membership:


On-line membership giving you all the tools, motivation and encouragement to achieve long-term weight loss success



Cost-effective support for Weight Loss

The Online members plan is deliberately extremely cost effective when compared with what is offered in the weight loss market place. This is because Keren is so passionate about helping as many people as possible lose weight for good and research has found that a group approach helps because it makes it easier to stick with a weight loss plan when you have support and can share tips with like minded friends.

What you get with the Online members plan

Access to the members monthly plan will help you continue your transformation if you have completed the 14 day ‘Beat Sugar/Alcohol Cravings’ programme. Alternatively, you can just dive straight in and start the Slim for Good programme with all the following information, motivation and support from Keren:

 Motivating Success Bundles including:

  • Video presentations on various subjects including the main Slim for Good Programme, Boost your Weight Loss, Weight Maintenance and the Long-Term success programme. More Bundles will be added regularly to keep you on track and focused.
  • Lots of action plans to help with meal planning, knowledge, long-term change, determination to succeed and to summarise the presentation content.
  • Hypnosis recordings to change beliefs and build desire and expectation of success.
  • Behaviour changing techniques.

 Keren’s Weekly Blogs/Vlogs/WhatsApp messages to help you focus on new information and researched facts so that you can have confidence that you are completely up to date with key nutritional knowledge. It will be as though she has moved into your home whilst you are taking part and releasing/maintaining the weight.

 Our Lizzy’s Slim for Good Recipe ideas to help inspire you and build in important variation to your healthy eating programme, whilst making the meals to be prepared in minutes yummy and appealing to all the family.

 Other regular features such as exercise videos to follow at home, regular competitions to generate momentum, and lots more!

It’s too good to miss!