Slim Success – I’m doing it!


Weight loss long-term is 20% diet and 80% mind and behaviour changing. This programme is aimed at ticking those boxes in that proportion. It's different to most diet programmes and succeeds because of that!

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-Reprogramming negative behaviours and attitudes to succeed long-term
-Create and strengthen new, positive long-term habits
-Cope with distractions/challenges so that you achieve your goals and your ability to face the worst that could happen without relying on food/drinks
-Stop talking about “have to’s” and “should’s” (these make us feel miserable – replace with “I choose”, “I decide” or “I will” = positive energy & focuses on moving forward and getting results
-Stop blame & regrets, just start with achieving small goals to build subconscious desire & belief.
Stop procrastinating! – procrastination reduces tension by taking away what we think is painful (only short-term though!) but long term makes everything worse. It’s a symptom of other problems. We will explore and find out what is the real issue (perfectionism, fear of failure (protection from criticism), fear of success (how it changes us & our relationships), self-criticism, overwhelm, resentment of being told what to do.
Forget perfection, mistakes won’t stop you this time because you won’t let then take away your self-worth & drive. This group is your safety net, you will feel calmer & more positive and keep making progress.
-Challenge and replace negative internal dialogue.
-Create mini healthy habits – record your progress (it’s easy to forget!)