Your Christmas Ready Programme!


Is this year your time to feel fantastic this summer, to wear the clothes you want and to feel healthy and vibrant? Join the Summer Ready Programme and succeed this year and for the long-term.



Is this year your time to feel fantastic this Christmas, to wear the clothes you want and to feel healthy and vibrant? That is my mission for you because I know that it is possible and more importantly to stay like that forever. I am on a mission to help you achieve your weight release dream and so that this opportunity is available to everyone I have put together a package, which I believe ticks all these boxes
 It’s very competitively priced to make it a very affordable, value for money option for you
 It provides 1-2-1 support which I find is essential for your long-term success
 It builds motivation and belief that you can succeed this time.
 It is adaptable to consider your food preferences and lifestyle
 It monitors your progress weekly to give that added accountability
 It focuses on balancing your key weight loss hormones
 It improves your energy levels
 It reduces your cravings
 It improves your sleep
 It reduces your stress
 It improves your health
 It reduces your waistline

Your programme will include:
 1 hour 1-2-1 with Keren. This time will be spent explaining the key actions for success and defining your own personalised programme
 The Slim Success recorded presentations (6 of them) to give you more knowledge and all the essential skills needed to change your habits and behaviours long term
 Documented printable Slim Success Success bundles
 Keren will send you 2 hypnotherapy recordings over your time together to help you change your beliefs and long-term habits
 5 x 1-2-1 check-in sessions with Keren – about 10 minutes each – either via Open House Sessions in Malvern where you will receive updated body composition analysis printout and commitment to actions to help you succeed. Keren will be your personal weight release buddy to motivate and inspire you.
 Being part of the private Facebook group for added ideas and access to Keren via Messenger and Email if you have any questions or if you need any help at all.

So, do something amazing for yourself?