‘Wave Goodbye to Water Retention’ 7 Day Programme.


Wave Goodbye to Water Retention Programme: to enable you to release any excess fluid that may be hampering your weight release success. It could be just what your efforts are missing and you can see the scales move and feel amazing in just 7 days!



If you are suffering like many of us with Water Retention, when excess fluids build up inside our body. This makes our tummy, face, hands, feet, legs, and ankles a little puffy. This excess fluid can make us weigh more than we really are. So, by getting rid of the excess fluid you’ll also get leaner and your clothes will fit better. It makes long term weight loss so much easier too.

This programme is available on-line so that you can fit it into your life when the time is right for you.

If you want to be part of a small on-line group you can – the next one is starting on Monday 12 February. It will include on-line presentations from me, hypnosis recording to help your success using the power of your mind and lots more! Plus you will automatically be included in a private messenger group to support you every day and boost your motivation and determination.

I have made this a ‘no-brainer’ decision because I am passionate about helping you feel better as quickly as possible. So a SPECIAL PRICE OF £14 (JUST £2 PER DAY EQUIVALENT).