Stop Cravings With An Elastic Band!

CRAVINGS CAUSE us to desire food, while habits cause us to eat UNCONSCIOUSLY.

We need to find methods of breaking the link between a craving and a habit and the shorter the time spent craving food, the more quickly you will break the habit.

Have you noticed the moment when you first crave something?  It starts with a thought and it creeps up on you.  You are doing well and eating sensibly and then suddenly you crave sugars and fats (chocolate/crisps/toast etc?  Your mind goes back to a point when you craved it before and immediately focuses on satisfying that craving and the wonderful smell, taste and those fantastic feelings (dopamine high) that satisfied your desire.  Your brain goes into overdrive.  You go into a form of trance & you indulge – you just can’t resist!


cravings help in an elastic band
Rubber Band Ball
  • Put a reasonably thick elastic band/hair band around your wrist, but not a tight one
  • As soon as you become consciously aware of your craving, flick the band against your wrist and say “STOP, I’M OKAY, I’M SATISFIED

The band will give you a small amount of pain which for an instant will take your mind away from the cravings you are experiencing. Then do something else that fulfils what you really need (comfort/distraction from boredom etc).  This will start to change the routine.

You will also soon relate a little pain with cravings and not pleasure.

This may seem strange but it will shorten the period of craving and break the resulting habit because the craving is a trigger to your unconscious behaviour, and when the trigger is broken so the habits will stop being stimulated.  The statement “STOP” is a reminder that you are in control and “I AM SATISFIED” is an affirmation which you brain will interpret as being satisfied nutritionally and emotionally and stop comfort eating.