Stop dieting! It’s time to be slim for good

Please Stop Dieting! Having watched super slimmer’s ‘did they really keep the weight off?’ this week I was so sad to see the upset and disappointment in the eyes of the dieter who had regained 3 stone in weight after being their annual weight loss winner.  I saw myself in those eyes.  How many times had I been dieting and then  regained the weight and felt a failure?  It was interesting to note that many had achieved short term dieting success using very strict diet & exercise regimes that were not sustainable and many were just focused on the competition or goal of losing weight but not beyond and how they would maintain weight loss for good.

The aim of Slim for Good is to maintain weight loss as you continue to lose weight.  So, that today is the heaviest you will ever be and when you have lost 7 pounds that is your new heaviest weight.  The only way that this is achievable is if you enjoy what you are eating and let’s be honest do you enjoy dieting? Also we need to enjoy how we feel so much so that we want to continue with our new Slim for Good behaviours. The Slim For Good long term programme includes all those things that you enjoy and that are maintainable and sustainable such as eating three yummy meals a day including a very good level of protein, being active – walking is great and relaxing whilst listening to my hypnosis recordings as you fall off to sleep.

So, please eliminate dieting and choose a personalised programme that works long term for you. We are all different and one programme is not for everyone which is why Slim for Good can be tailored to meet your needs and lifestyle.  Think about what you like and what you need and we would love to help you succeed because you deserve to be slim for good.