Stop sabotaging my weight loss!

Habits can sabotage our weight loss success. Habits can be just our thoughts such as “I wish I could lose weight but I bet I won’t”. I believe that THOUGHTS ARE THINGS and so an ‘innocent but negative’ thought can manifest in negative behaviours and actions. Wanting to lose weight and even writing it down won’t make it happen we must recondition our mind to believe that we can achieve it. For most people, particularly yo-yo dieters, the biggest barrier is that we don’t believe it will happen and if we don’t believe it is almost guaranteed that it won’t. This belief lives in our subconscious mind and that part is running the show!If you focus on 10 pounds you want to lose your brain focuses on the 10 pounds and it will look for all negative information in your brain which will back up any negative weight loss belief you have and ignore all the positive support which could help you be slim long term.

Stop Dieting
Dieting doesn’t work

If you don’t change your mind you will forget about staying on your healthy eating/exercise programme and go into automatic eating pilot. Any change that takes us out of our comfort zone sends chemical signal to our nervous system. Our mind interprets this at doubt, fear and anxiety = danger. You will then be stepping out of the normal comfortable range and you will be steered back to comfort and what you normally do.

So, acknowledge your fears and doubts but replace them with what you really want, so that the resistance gets less every day.The key is to do this daily – our mind loves repetition. Take some time to write down your negative beliefs about your weight loss and then write down what you really want – For example “I can’t say no to chocolates” v “I can say no to chocolate and everyday this gets easier to do” “I will always be a yo-yo dieter” v “This time I am determined to keep to my new healthy weight, I can do this”. ​This is a simple technique but it works we just have to do it daily until it becomes our new belief – So go for it, you can do it this time!