So here’s how my journey started…

In October 2015 I returned from a holiday in the USA aware of the fact that my weight was steadily going in the wrong direction but accepting that as I was now post-menopausal, this was just something I should expect! After all I was going to the gym regularly, eating all the right things ( so I thought!), so this must just be something I have to accept.

I spoke to Keren Milton about my issues and she introduced me to her Slim for Good programme. I listened but in the back of my mind I was thinking “ok I’ve done diets before, lost a few pounds and quickly put them back again”.  How wrong I was. I embarked on this programme last November when I weighed 11 st 11 lbs. Today I weigh 10st 5lbs. I have not counted a single calorie, I have not weighed or measured any item of food, I have not had embarrassing weekly weigh ins, I have not spent huge amounts of money but most importantly… I have NEVER felt hungry!!

Having now achieved my goal weight, I allow myself flexibility although if I’m honest, I find myself choosing the right foods anyway. My whole mindset has changed and I’m so excited by my achievements and the ease with which I achieved them that I will follow Keren’s “eating philosophy” for ever.  It works. It really does.!

Aleta after her Slim for Good Programme